Treasury Overview

Al Salam Bank is totally committed to putting the Bank’s clients at the heart of everything the Bank does, aiming to deliver long term consistent results that exceed your expectations.

Trea​​sury and Capital Market Unit:

The Treasury and Capital market unit principally coordinates the Bank’s overall regional and international treasury operations, focusing on the following main responsibilities:

  • Fine tuning the level of liquidity available; providing the necessary funding to the Bank; and adaptation of Shari’a-compliant money markets as deemed necessary to meet the Bank’s and clients’ needs through the use of rigorous and disciplined liquidity management tools.
  • Deploying the Bank’s liquidity through the best possible risk and return matches available through interbank activities, short term government papers or investment certificates. Further, Treasury invests and manages any cash surpluses with the objective of maintaining the integrity of the principal, while ensuring that invested funds are accessible when needed and provide a return on investment in line with the Bank’s strategy.
  • Engaging in trading and proprietary book management in the areas of FX, Sukuk, and money markets, to best utilize the Bank’s capital and benefit from market fluctuations, while strictly adhering to the Bank’s risk tolerance and risk management guidelines and policies.
  • Monitoring market movements and rate fluctuations to provide necessary hedge alternatives to the Asset-Liability Committee (ALCO) and executive management.
  • Implementing regulatory and Basel committee liquidity ratios and requirements in reflecting the Bank’s liquidity position.

Financial Market Services

Treasury main products are:
  • Interbank Commodities Murabaha and Wakala tool
  • Spot and Wa’ad based foreign exchange
  • Sukuk, REIT, and Equity Securities product
  • Shari’a-compliant hedging instruments (Profit Rate Swap, Fx Wa’ad, Repo)
Financial Institutions Services:
  • Enhancing local, regional and international Financial Institutions coverage, and expanding Al Salam Bank's network to sufficiently serve correspondent banking and cash management needs.
  • Developing key alliances and partnerships with international Financial Institutions to provide the Bank with access to an innovative range of products and services across all major asset classes, and securing money market, FX, and hedging limits for the Treasury unit to efficiently perform its daily activities.
  • Providing new and innovative alternative funding sources for the Bank through the use of Islamic Repo facilities, committed lines arrangements, and Medium Term Notes (MTN) facilities, if needed.
  • Providing professional services to all Financial Institutions engaged in business transactions with ASBB and forging new relationships with others.

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