Our Brand Promise, Principles and Values

Our Brand Promise

  • We nurture relationships by enriching experiences.

Our Values

  • We are empowered by our human desire to make a difference
  • We are passionate by nature in all that we do
  • We have an innovative and solution-driven mindset 
  • We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence across all fronts

Our Guiding Principles

We Enchant our Clients

We go over and above to deliver an enriching experience by simplifying and humanizing the customer journey through personalization, convenience and rewards. 

We are driven by a shared passion to form deep relationships with our clients and curate tailored solutions to help them meet their financial goals efficiently and seamlessly.

We stand by our promise to continuously deliver a refined service offering that places our clients at the core.

We Inspire our People

We prioritize the wellbeing of our people and empower them to promote Al Salam Bank’s distinct culture of collaboration, dedication to the pursuit of excellence, and passion for execution.

We celebrate a highly energetic and supportive work environment founded on the principles of teamwork, transparency and mutual respect.

We enable our people with tools, resources and opportunities to play an integral role in Al Salam Bank’s mission and to feel engaged, connected, and proud of what they collectively achieve.

We are Digitally Native

At Al Salam Bank, we believe in smart, efficient banking. We adopt a digital-first mindset to meet the banking needs of our clients for convenience, simplicity and efficiency. Digital is never an afterthought with us - it lies at the core of our identity. By nature, we are technologically proficient, harnessing the insights derived from data to deliver curated financial solutions and seamless banking to our customers.

We Do the Right Thing

We live by our values of integrity, fairness, transparency and ethical conduct.

We have made a commitment to stay attentive to customers’ needs throughout their journey; whilst providing confidential, secure and ethical banking services.

We Act with Empathy

We are committed to support the social and financial wellbeing of our community.

We encourage a socially responsible culture from within to drive positive change externally.

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