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Gulf African Bank is Kenya’s first fully Shari’a compliant bank, offering products that address the needs of not just Muslims, but everyone in the country. Whether you are an individual or a corporate / institutional client, we can provide you with the full range of banking services. By conducting business on the principles of Shari’a, the bank would provide an ethical and fair mode of banking for all. The bank would also leverage the strong historical links between the Gulf and Africa to establish a channel for attracting investments into Kenya. The Bank’s name – Gulf African Bank – would become a symbol of this partnership between the Gulf and Africa.

Gulf African Bank is set to revolutionize your banking experience in Kenya. Our business is based on the core principles of ethics and fairness and we shun undue commercial enrichment at the expense of you, our customers. It is these principles that will make Gulf African Bank the ideal choice for you and for all sections of Kenyan society.

The Bank will be promoted by premier and well-respected Gulf-based institutions along with prominent institutional and individual investors from Kenya. The shareholders are fully committed to the vision of growing the bank into a strong regional financial institution and have accordingly well capitalized the Bank. Shareholders will represent various nationalities and regions and will include many Kenyan investors; the shareholdings will be adequately diversified.

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Al Salam Bank-Seychelles (“ASBS” or the “Bank”’) started its operations in 2016, as a joint-venture between two strong and established shareholders Al Salam Bank with 70% shareholding and Seychelles Pension Fund (“SPF”) with 30% shareholding.

As a majority shareholder, ASBB brings its extensive expertise as a leading full-fledged commercial bank offering Shari’a-compliant products. SPF, on the other hand, is the national Pension Fund, with a diversified investment portfolio and deep understanding of the local landscape.

Capitalizing on the support of its shareholders, ASBS utilizes its strong foundations to introduce the latest technologies to Seychelles’ banking sector, offering its customers a range of innovative, competitive, and tailored banking solutions. These include quality products and services, such as deposits, financing, trade finance and more. ASBS also offers the convenience of digital banking channels to its clients and is committed to introduce newer technologies to Seychelles’ banking eco-system.

Aimed at addressing the needs of Seychelles domestic market and driving the growth of the local economy, ASBS is playing a key role in supporting local and regional SMEs and corporates, targeting various industries, including tourism & hospitality, education, fishing, health, and housing. The Bank is also actively seeking ways to add value to the socio-economic wellbeing of the local communities by supporting child development & women empowerment initiatives, amongst others.

The Bank’s strategic plans include expanding in the region, as well as creating a bridge between the GCC nations and the Indian Ocean Rim countries. Striving to adopt internationally-recognized standards and best practices in corporate governance, the ASBS operates with the highest levels of integrity, transparency and trust.

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