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Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with the Bank’s on-going commitment towards building a stronger Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, as a Shari’a-compliant financial institution, Al Salam Bank is equally committed to its role as a concerned corporate citizen actively seeking to contribute and add value to the social and economic well-being of various local communities in which it invests and operates.

The Bank actively seeks ways to aid society and enhance the quality of life for everyone, through its support for charitable, educational, medical, scientific, cultural, social, sporting and environmental organizations.

Al Salam Bank also encourages its staff to participate in various community activities, thereby contributing personally to the development of society.

The Bank is also committed to playing its part in the growth and development of the global Islamic banking and financial services industry. It actively supports and participates in initiatives related to research and development; education and qualifications; standardization of regulations, compliance and Shari’a interpretations; and the adoption of international standards and global best practice.

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