Al Rateb Payroll Solution

Al Rateb payroll solution is the most innovative payroll solution in the Kingdom offering financial inclusion to the unbanked and underserved while automating payroll processing for employers. The solution is compliant with upcoming Wage Protection System (WPS) laws requiring employers to make salary payments through financial institutions.

At the heart of our Al Rateb payroll solution is secured web portal for employer payroll processing and a first of its kinds, reloadable contactless prepaid card bearing the MasterCard logo allowing cardholder financial inclusion wherever MasterCard is accepted. The contact-less feature enables frictionless transacting initiated with just a tap!

Features & Benefits

Benefits to Employer

  • Comply with upcoming Wage Protection System (WPS) laws
  • Cashless automated payroll process
  • More efficient payroll process
  • Salary receipts generated
  • Less disruptive to business (employee does not need to leave work to collect salary)
  • Electronic employee management functionality – including creating new cards for new employees

Benefits to Employee

  • Free of any financial burden – free to receive, free to use, and free to withdraw your cash
  • Instant receipt of salary
  • SMS notification on all card transactions
  • Contactless transacting with just a tap – no PIN
  • Secure – eliminates risk of cash loss/theft
  • Can be used for saving purposes
  • Accepted worldwide wherever MasterCard is accepted
  • Supported by a 24/7 call center that supports Arabic / English / Hindi / Urdu speaking customers

Limits, Fees & Charges

Employer Limits
​Maximum of one card per employee
Only employee compensation can be credited

Fees & Charges borne by Employer
Corporate Enrollment Fee BD 100
Card Issuance / Renewal Fee
Up to 100 cards BD 1.000
Up to 250 cards BD 0.750
Up to 500 cards BD 0.500
Above 500 cards BD 0.250
Loading Fee
Up to 50 employees BD 1.000
51 to 100 employees BD 0.800
101 to 300 employees BD 0.600
300+ employees BD 0.500

Fees & Charges borne by Employee
Card issuance Free
Card renewal Free
Card / PIN replacement Free
POS transactions Free
ATM transactions
(within Al Salam Bank network)
Two free transactions per month
BD 0.135 per additional transactions
ATM Transactions
(outside Al Salam Bank network)
BD 0.135 per transaction
FX Mark-up 2.5%

Required Documents
Application Form
Commercial Registration Copy
Article of Association
Board Resolution (if required)
Authorized Signatory List
Employee Declaration List

For further details, please contact our customer care center on 17005500 or AFS at 17299099.

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